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Our products are Inspired by the secret of K-Beauty, formulated by
Lee Jae Young, weight management professor based in Seoul-Korea.
Formulation are carefully formulated for ideal weight loss for Asian bodies using state of the art technology.


$ 128



KLab Slim Control is the ideal weight loss formula, now with even more active ingredients. Formulated in Korea and manufactured in the USA under the strictest FDA GMP standards. Our new and improved weight loss formula ensures your body receives the nutrients it needs throughout weight loss and ensures that you keep it off. Enjoy a healthier, trimmer and slimmer you!

Supports weight loss

Helps to burn belly fats

Reduce excessive body fats

Increases energy and stamina

Helps to reduce fluid retention

Increases metabolism

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$ 59

Smoothie Sweet Blackcurrant Fruit Flavor


KLab Smoothie Enzyme&Detox - is specially designed to complement Slim&Control for better results and enhances your weight loss journey. KLab Smoothie Enzyme&Detox is formulated to help you:

Detoxifying & cleansing

Reducing toxin build-up

Easing of constipation

Rejuvenate skin

Improve digestion

Supports immune system

Increasing energy

Increasing overall body wellness

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$ 59

Smoothie Fresh Passion Fruit Flavor


KLab Smoothie Clean&Shape + Immunity - is specially designed to complement Slim&Control for better results and enhances your weight loss journey. KLab Smoothie Clean&Shape + Immunity is formulated to help you:

Weight Loss

Eliminates Toxins

Colon Cleansing

Easing Constipation

Improve Digestion

Improve Skin Health

Support Immune

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Weight loss
Helps reduce fluid retention
Reduce excessive body fats
Increase metabolism
Fast + effective weight loss results

Take 20 minutes before meal and drink 400ml of water
Body Normal Overweight Obese
BMI: 18.5 - 22.9 23 - 27.4 27.5 >
Breakfast: Normal Normal Normal
Take: 1 Capsule 2 Capsules 3 Capsules
Lunch: Eat Light Eat Light Eat Light
Take: 2 Capsule 2 Capsules 3 Capsules
Dinner Take: KLab Smoothie* KLab Smoothie* KLab Smoothie*

The secret to K-beauty
K-Lab Slim&Control – Fast, Effective & Healthy weight loss!

NO Caffeine

100% Natural Premium Ingredients

+1.000.000 people love it

KLab Slim&Control Supplement facts

Serving Size: Per 1 Capsule

Active Ingredients

Amount per serving


5 mg

Ganoderma lucidum

5 mg

Curcumin powder

50 mg

Jasminum suptriplinerve blume

120 mg

Salvia miltiorrhiza bunge

80 mg

Poria cocos wolf

140 mg

Moringa oleifera

80 mg

What are people saying about KLab:

Ibu Salim, 34

I have tried many slimming products during my time.  With mixed results.  I decided to try Klab smoothie.  I was surprise with the wonderful taste and I found myself losing weight and my digestive system had also improved. I have lost 5 kgs in just 3 weeks !

Honey Ha Chang, 25

It has always been hard for me to lose weight and the progress is slow and suffering.   So I decided to give Klab smoothie a shot.  It helped me stop snacking and not feeling hungry at any time.  The best part is my Weight Dropped…  Total I had lost 14 kgs in under 2 months!

Goh Ai Ling, 26

Grew confidence in the product gradually… Initially, I do not like taking slimming pills as they do not show much results for me. However, I have been looking for a detox drink and KLab Smoothie fits perfectly! It is really tasty, and I would be willing to drink it any day! Moved on to tried KLab Slim&Control after KLab Smoothie working well and both products complement each other well. Just stick to the direction guide or give your body a detox before starting on KLab Slim&Control. Looking forward to lose more weight!

Johnny Siew, 52

I try Klab due to Fibersol.  Heard a lot about the benefit.  Indeed, after trying Klab .. My digestion and constipation problems had solved and it helps me in weight lost.  Now, I am feeling healthy and looking good!

Jenny Chong, 39

I have tried 2 boxes of Slim&Control and saw significant results. My hunger level has decreased tremendously, and I no longer feel the craving for snacks. I have lost 5kg in a month and still working towards my ideal weight of losing another 5kg

Kimmie Poh, 25

Amazing product! Will recommend my friends to try out! I kept to a strict diet of no sugar and no carbs for a month, but results were slow. I used KLab Slim&Control to enhance and the results have shown tremendously. Hope there will be no bounce-back in weight!


1What is the recommended dosage? Directions?
As each individual and body structure is different, it is best to see the directions on the product.
2What are the benefits of taking Klab ?
Klab works in a way where it helps * Detoxifying & cleansing, * Sugar-Free * Supports digestive health * Supports colon cleansing * Boost Immunity * Promotes weight loss * Promotes radiant and clear skin * Rich in Antioxidants
3Are there any side effects when taking Klab?
Klab is made from natural herb and botanical ingredients which are specially formulated to work naturally with your body for effective weight loss therefore you should experience no side effects. To date, there has been no feedback by customers regarding any side effects from both men and women. Please do read the instructions and directions.
4When taking Klab, do I have to be on a special/strict diet?
As long as you take Klab, you are free to eat anything you like. However, it is best to avoid big servings and healthier food such as lean meat, salads, yogurts and etc. Healthy eating is essential as Klab will convert the food required by your body and block out excess fat. And don’t forget to exercise too.
5Is it possible to take Klab with other slimming products?
Our data shows effective weight loss when taking Klab alone. However, we do not have any evidence that taking Klab with other slimming products will increase its effectiveness.
6Who should not take Klab?
a) Women who are pregnant, might become pregnant or are breast-feeding. b) People who are under the age of 17 years old. c) For those that are on Doctor’s prescriptions and/or medical conditions, please ask your doctor
7If I do not eat for a day, can I take Klab?
Klab is safe to be consumed whether you eat or not. But there is no reason for you to starve. Our recommended instructions are to continue eating 3 times a day with normal servings. It is vital to eat right at all times to have the energy and nutrition your body needs.
8How fast will the Klab smoothie takes effect ?
It depends on the individual body. It ranges 4 - 8 hours generally.
9How does KLab Smoothie Enzyme&Detox helps together with KLab Slim&Control?
Ans: KLab Smoothie Enzyme&Detox helps to cleanse your gut by removing the waste blocking your digestive tract to absorb nutrients. After a round of KLab Smoothie Enzyme&Detox, KLab Slim&Control ingredients will be better absorbed into your digestive tract. You can consume KLab Smoothie Enzyme&Detox before KLab Slim&Control / consume both products concurrently for better results.
10How do I register for getting free $10 for every 1 kg lost?
Ans: Simply follow our step by step tutorial to start earning $10 per every 1kg lost! Note that there is no limit in how many kg you lose! Criteria: Cashback only valid 30 days from proof of purchase for KLab Slim&Control only. *Eg: You purchase on 3 Jan 2015, registered with us on 5 Jan, you are eligible for cashback till 3 Feb 2015 (Please send your “after” weight loss video within 1 month from proof of purchase).
11Do we feel the burning sensation after consuming KLab Slim&Control?
Ans: No. While we have 100% natural ingredients inside our pills that aid in fat burning, you will not feel the fat burning sensation. We are proud to announce that our KLab Slim&Control is caffeine-free as we want our customers to lose weight the healthy and effective way.
12I am not sure if I am able to consume KLab Slim&Control. How can I check it out?
Ans: Please feel free to call our hotline +65 9051 7944 and our nutritionist will assist you accordingly! Alternatively, please email us at cs@incontech.com.sg and we will get back to you within 3 working days!
13I have lost a few KGs from consuming KLab Slim&Control and happy with my ideal weight. What can I do to maintain my weight?
Ans: You can always take our KLab Smoothie to maintain your ideal weight. It is always important to cleanse your digestive tract so that your body will be able to absorb nutrients better!



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